Watching birds and nature at home should be pleasant. The death of birds is an unintended consequence of a home project. But with a bit of creativity and imagination, you can prevent birds from flying into your window and give them security.

1.Apply strips of tape to the windows on the outside surface

Use a tape that can withstand wind and rain. Place a 4-inch ribbon on your window vertically to alert the birds so that they will know that the glass is in place and prevents them from flying into it.

2.Put bird decals on the outside surface of window glass

Bird labels or stickers can be used for quick and easy control of preventing the bird. Always place stickers close to each other. Stickers need to cover the windows because one or two stickers on the window cannot prevent birds.

3.Apply soap or window paint to the outside of the windows

Another way to avoid bird from windows touching is to place a layer of soap on the window and create a visible film to the bird’s eye. With this method, you need to keep in mind that you need to keep a video several times a week to close the window. Another option is to use color in the window or the tempera colors. Create a funny art project and create bold and clear patterns with the color of the window.

4.Put a film on the outside of your windows

Transparent window shades are available, but the outer one is opaque. Use a foil that covers the entire outside of the glass. Most window films have been made to allow light inside but are opaque and reflect the light to the birds. Some films also appear in samples, such as strips or blocks that help the birds to fight birds.

5.Add window screens or a net

There a lot of bird screens as well as net available which can help to prevent birds from flying into your windows. Get a dark bird screen which is made from dark mesh that you can hang on the windows. You can customize your mesh to fit your windows. You can use a durable netting and also look for lightweight polypropylene.

6. Install exterior shutters or sunshades

If you do not have shutters on the window, consider installing them. If you don’t want the birds to hit the glass, you can also close the windows when you have gone out. Outdoor blinds can also be a good way to save energy and keep the heat in your home without turning up the heat. You can also install shades or awnings. They block the sunlight through the wings and are in the shade, relieving the birds to prevent marking and flying into it. Click here.

7. Switch out the glass for ultraviolet, patterned glass

For durable solutions, you can turn off the glass in an ultraviolet patterned glass. The glass has distinctive patterns that are not visible to humans but visible to outside birds. Although this is the most expensive option, it is also the most durable. Ultraviolet glass windows can be found on the Internet or in special places in households and furniture stores.


If you plan to install windows at home, you should go to slightly inclined windows. Ask the contractor to arrange the windows so that they are slightly vertical and facing down. This allows the window surface to reflect the surface rather than the sky and trees. Positioning such windows will prevent birds from hitting and will prevent them from seeing.